Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Great Catnip Incident

Prekrasne Bailalaka (Narcissa) and Prekrasne Chekov (Diesel)
Baila will be living with Emily in Phoenix along with her 1/2 sister Bellatrix
Chekov will be living with his 1/2 brother Danil (Harley) in Tampa, FL

A funny thing happened on the way to the washroom… Doing laundry – not a glamorous task to say the least. Sunday morning I started to the laundry and absent mindedly placed a container of catnip on the shelf above the washer. While loading the laundry into the machine I paused to let my dogs in the house and was sidetracked doing a couple additional tasks. When I returned I didn’t pay any attention to the contents and simply started the laundry and added the detergent.

Sometime later I return to the now completed laundry so I can put it in the dryer. After pulling out the clothing I realized it was entirely covered with catnip! The entire container of catnip including the plastic jar had made it through the entire laundry cycle. Each article of clothing was shaken and piles of damp catnip were scattering around the laundry room.
In case you’re wondering, apparently catnip is just as appealing after going through the washer with tangerine scented Tide as it is straight from the container. In moments I had 5 cats all rolling around the floor.

I only wish I’d had pictures of this fiasco. One thing I did learn is not to put the catnip above the washer (and no doubt above anything else like things I’m cooking, cleaning or painting).

Prekrasne Colette will be going to live with Kathy and her ½ brother George in Chandler, AZ

Prekrasne Bozhita, now called Storm, watches one of her favorite shows – a western. Storm lives in New York City with Kristine

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