Reserving a Kitten

Notification List

Our Notification List is at no charge.  We pre-screen our members thoroughly so they can then select their kitten when the time comes.  We do not work from a specific order - when the kittens are available, they will be posted and the members can make their selection at that point.

Kitten Prices Include:

Your Siberian kitten
Breeder Slip for Registration

2 months Embrace pet insurance (not available in PA, WA, NY, or FL)
Kitten Pack (toys, food samples, etc.)
Our contract with a 2 year guarantee for genetic illnesses
Minimum first 2 immunizations
Spay/Neuter surgery
Support and guidance

Complete our Screening Form here.

Reserving Your Prekrasne Kitten

Once you've picked out your kitten, we require a $600 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit
The balance is due no later than when your kitten is 10 weeks old or prior to desexing surgery whichever is earlier.

Any transportation costs are due prior to delivery or paid in cash to the courier.

For full details, please visit our website!!