Monday, June 9, 2008

Countdown to Kittens

Delilah, Danil (Harley) and Draco napping

We are starting our official countdown for kittens! Katharina is expecting her first litter in 2 weeks and I'm very excited to see what we get. The options when we have Godomir sire are minimal however since he does not carry classic or dilute so we know we'll have brown mackerel (striped) or spotted tabbies. I don't know if Katharina carries the gene for solid but if she does we could have solid black kittens. Katharina has the smallest amount of white on her chin, neck and belly so we could get a tiny bit of white with this litter although most likely not.

The next litter we're expecting is a bit of a mystery. I believe Candy will be due before Katharina, but the exact date is unknown. That's what happens when you have an unplanned mating. I didn't remember the date(s) I found David with the girls after he learned to use the door handles but I'm guessing from Candy's development that we have about a week to 2 weeks tops. This should be a fun litter! Candy is such a great mom but also a fun girl - even pregnant she is active and athletic. Her babies are unfailingly friendly and beautiful. This is her first "non Godomir" litter however so I'll be curious to see what happens. I'd love a beautiful golden brown classic girl but I know that's not a certainty...we'll play this one by ear.

For anyone interested in a young adult Siberian I am actually going to be placing my boy David as a pet. I adore him since he's my first boy from my own breeding to sire here, but the challenges of housing whole males is great and since Godomir is young and Erika (David's mother) is as well, it does not make sense to retain him at this point. He's such a doll though and so non aggressive for a male and especially one as clearly fertile as he is. I'm hoping to find a great home for him so he can just lounge around, play and generally be spoiled. He is super smart and loves to play.

Prekrasne Elizar (Drago) at 3.5 weeks old

Drago will be headed to Palm Beach, FL

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