Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Departing Shortly

Prekrasne Charlotte Bronte
Adopted by Cindy in California

We have found great homes for our Charlotte and also our David. We were thinking of keeping Charlotte, but due to some changes we've decided we would see if one of our families that has been waiting patiently would like to adopt her. Enter Cindy who was waiting for a non brown tabby to join her 2 brown tabbies - little Charlotte the torbie fit the bill!! And she's a doll to boot. Charlotte is from our Katie's last litter and her father is Godomir. You can see why we were tempted to keep her - could she BE any cuter?

Our David is going to be joining Coraly in San Diego! She is anxiously waiting for him to be neutered so he can head to live with her. David has sired 2 litters with us as a youngster and will now get to be a pampered baby boy in his new home.

Prekrasne Bella Canto

Joining Monica on Friday!

Friday brings our day to bid farewell to two of our little girls from Veksha's litter with Ch Asthera Earbis. Today we went to the vet to get everyone checked out for their big trip and they passed with flying colors - a pair of healthy little girls.

Bella is going just a short distance to California to join Monica. Monica breeds Ragdolls with Ragdoll Angels, but has recently added 1 male and 2 female Siberians - our Bella is one of those 2. We hope our Bella helps her with the Siberian end of things. Bella is a mix of the Fialka lines of St Petersberg from her 2 European Champion parents EC Jonathon Timange and her mother EC Vielchen Prinzessin. Her father is a Champion blue silver classic from a Norwegian male, Krasa Rysi Jaroslav, and the late Derica - brought to the US from Tomsk, Siberia but originally hailing from Khabovarsk.

Prekrasne Ballade (Sasha)

Ballade will be leaving to join Tara and family in St John New Brunswick

Sasha is going to be heading on a jet out of Los Angeles for Bangor Maine. From Bangor she'll then go home to meet her sister Sheba. Sheba is from our last litter with Candalise and Godomir.

Sasha is a gorgeous blue silver classic and looks a lot like her father. She's a bit more reserved than her sisters but is a very very sweet girl. In spite of being reserved, she does love to tackle her siblings just as much as anyone. Watch out Sheba! Sasha is so striking we hope she doesn't hog all the attention.

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