Friday, June 6, 2008

The Big Fix

Prekrasne Francesca (Pepper) - will be going to California with her brother Fiorello (Boxer)

Friday was a big day for 2 of our little girls. Ballade (Sasha) and Bailalaka (Narcissa) were spayed today. Not their favorite thing and Sasha voiced her discontent with the whole situation over and over and over. However, both girls made it through just fine and they were quite a hit. Their pretty silver coats always attract lots of attention.

I managed to get a few pictures of Esenia's babies today. You will see her pretty black smoke baby Francesca (Pepper) at the top. She is named for my late mother Frances. She is special as the only non brown tabby kitten out of our last 3 litters. Nice to have a little variety.

Today we moved both of our mom's together since they are friends. Now all 8 babies are being cared for by both mom's. They are so cute taking turns nursing and cleaning the babies. This works out well, since Esenia has been taking care of one of the E litter babies anyway. Her milk is still getting backed up - she has too much milk for just 3 babies. This way we're hoping she can get others to nurse as well so the job doesn't fall to me to milk a cat - I feel like Ben Stiller in "Meet the Parents."

Esenia Valenvic with her son Prekrasne Fiorello (Boxer)

Our pretty brown tabby babies having some dinner. Notice their lovely, thick coats.

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