Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting Ready to Say Goodbye

Tomorrow I bid a fond farewell to my little guy Roman. Roman was intended to stay on and be an upcoming sire for us. However, as fate would have it, our boy Billy also stayed. So, I made the difficult decision to let Roman leave.

I am please to say, that Roman will be joining an existing member of the Prekrasne extended family. Trish and her family in Pennsylvania already have Prekrasne Ilario or Illy as he is fondly known. Now they are increasing their Siberian brotherhood by adding Illy's half brother.

Our other departure is Mickey. Mickey is actually from our friends at Kender although he's been a resident here for a few months. Mickey will be heading to New York tomorrow and joining Karyn and her family as well as their other Siberian, Simba.


T said...

Thank you for entrusting us with your wonderful baby, Roman! He is so sweet and adorable! We are hoping that he and Illy become fast friends, soon!!

Thank you!

Sue of Prekrasne Siberians said...

I am sure they will. Illy just liked being an only baby:) But very soon he'll realize that its fun to have a little brother around:)