Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Rolling Stones Litter - S litter

The S Litter is now officially the Rolling Stones Litter. They all have names after songs by the Stones. Wonder which one I'll end up calling Keith and which one will be Mick? This litter is just gorgeous, hefty, and sweet like our last litter from the same parents. Very consistent. Please pardon the color - its less than accurate. My camera had a Diet Coke spilled on it and its just not working the same:)

This is Prekrasne Tumbling Dice
He's still getting his eyes open but is still always busy
I will be making this little fella available to our waiting list in the next week

Here is our little female (in the front), Prekrasne Honky Tonk Woman
In the back lying down is Dice.

Here's another of Honky Tonk

Here's our handsome boy Prekrasne Jumping Jack Flash
Can you tell he's had enough of the pictures?

Here's Jack looking a bit more alert

Here's our classic boy Prekrasne Start Me Up
This little fella will also be available (he's the one with the white tail light)

Here's the whole gang with momma Juliet
See that white dot? -that's our classic boys little tail light.
Hard to miss that huh?

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Midnightstarsiberians said...

Beautiful babies - love the white tip!

Denise x