Monday, March 8, 2010

March Birthdays

Sorry guys, once again no pictures. My camera was a casualty in one of our cat's escapades and I am in need of a replacement.

We have loads of birthdays in March:

Turning 2:

Veksha and Earbis:

Balailaka now known as Narcissa. She lives with Bellatrix her 1/2 sister and Emily and Grant, her humans.
Ballada is now Sasha. She lives in Halifax, NS with Sheba (from Godomir and Candy) and her humans, Tara and Sandra.
Bella Canto lives in California with Monica and her other cat friends.
Bossa Nova is dad to our own girl Gwen, Rae & Izzy with Candy and Maggie, Jenny, Lottie and Bug with Katharina. He lives in Floria as a retired boy (isn't Floria perfect for that?) with Pat, his cat friends and a Welsh Springer Spaniel.

Katie and Godomir (3/31)

Chekov is now known as Diesel. He's our big black and white bi-color boy! He's still the top cat in his house even though he shares it with our other boy Harley, a couple dogs, and his humans Nancy and Chuck in Florida.
Collette is now known as Precious/Andi. She was our little black and white bi color girl. She was the littlest in the litter but the biggest in personality. She's not the little girl any more and she lives with her big 1/2 brother George here in Arizona.
Charlotte is our torbie and white girl. She lives with Cindy and her other Siberian friends in Texas.

Turning 1 year old! Hard to pick a day for this group since mom Candy waited 2 days for that last baby!

Candy and Bossa Nova

I'm Just a Girl aka Gwen is still with us here and we hope she will be a mom this summer.
Kona is now Isabelle and lives here in Arizona with Lacey Jo and Travis and is one spoiled little girl.
Rae (this litter all had other names until they turned out to be girls and NOT boys) is living happily in NYC with Austine and her buddy Boris (also from us).

Happy Birthday to all our March Babies!!!

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