Thursday, March 4, 2010

Get Out Those Cameras!

We are going to have a Siberian Photo Contest here at Prekrasne! Now, your Siberian does not HAVE to be from Prekrasne - you just need a cute picture! No professional pictures allowed! I also want to limit this to NON breeders. We gets loads of practice photographing our kittens and cats and that is a bit of an unfair advantage. I also need to keep this to just the continental United States and Canada because.....

Yes, there will be a prize! I am not sure yet what it will be but there will be a prize or prizes (depending on how many participants we get I may award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place). I'll be hitting some cat shows here soon and the vendors have great stuff you can't always find in the local pet store.

I will accept pictures through 4/15. When you submit them, send them to and include your name, city and state, your kitty's name and the breeder, and age. If you win, then I will need your full address to send you your prize. And yes, this contest is for Siberians ONLY. We love all cats, but this is just for Siberians:)

Starting 5/1 I will post the pictures on the website and Facebook and the polls will begin! It will not be up to me but up to the voters! We will wrap up voting on 5/20 with awards announed 6/1

So, plenty of time to dust off those cameras and get your kitties looking their cutest!

I will post more announcements as we get closer to our kickoff!


Mystic Melody said...

In that case I think there should be a breeder competition as well, I wanna play!

Judy said...

Hahhaahaa! I accidentally left my comment about the picture contest under Juliet's heading. Opps! Anyway, when I was commenting, I was thinking how Judith would be keen on this idea but couldn't participate because she's a breeder. I opened up the correct "comment" column and found Judith's response (chuckle, chuckle). We, all, know her too well. :) Perhaps Judith could hold the breeders' photo contest? Fun for all. :)

Sue of Prekrasne Siberians said...

lol...we have to at least make it a level playing

Mystic Melody said...

Hey! I am not a professional photographer! I think we should do at least what they do in the show hall: PO!