Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our Q litter - 6 days old

The Q litter is almost a week old now and are developing very nicely. I have to scrap the X-Files theme for this litter because it now appears there are 3 girls and 2 boy and the X Files is a very male heavy show - like what I normally get. We have 1 girl that is a brown tabby without white, 2 girls that are brown tabby with white - 1 has more white than the other. The boys are both brown tabby with white but one has a white mask and the other does not.

Here is our brown tabby girl without white
She is the smallest and will for sure be a pet

Here is one of our other girls - we are going to evaluate her as a possible "keeper"

Our other girl that we are evaluating as a "keeper"
Which ever one we do not keep will be available

Our male with the white mask
He is under evaluation
Our 2nd male will be available as a pet

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