Wednesday, September 30, 2009

N Litter Update

The N litter is going to be departing in 2 weeks and they are doing great! Nokomis will join our friend Guyane-Elise at Jokieva cattery in Quebec, Nero will join our friends Judy and Fred in Massachusetts as a show boy and join his big uncle Alek (Alek's dad is Juliet's mom and Alek's mom is Erika who is Nero's great grandmother). Jeter, who is not in the pictures, is joining Jeanne in Illinois. Navarre and Nolan are staying at Prekrasne for the time being until I decide what to do.


WhiteNights Siberian cats said...

Hi Sue,

They are all very nice but I esepcially like little Navarre with her cute face and a warm tone of undercoat!


ilse said...

Hi Sue, they let my heart beat those cuties..........