Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I and J litters!

Finally some updated pictures of most of the kittens. I'm still working on some decent ones of Iago and Juliet. Iago is a mover and shaker and all my pictures of him are a furry little blur.

Jiselle - we are watching Jiselle's development along with her sister

Ilario is an adorable boy with an angel face. He's a momma's boy and doesn't even fuss
when I give him kisses on his chubby belly.
Ilario is going to MA with Judy. He gets to meet his big 1/2 brother Boris.

Idalko continues to have a very unusual coloring.
Its hard to see in this picture but he has a warm, golden coloring under the blue.

Indigo is our blue tabby boy without white
He's a chubby, sweet boy who chases his brother.

Ivanhoe is just like his brother Idalko in coloring with the warm golden glow.

He's a bit smaller with less white on his face.

Ivar is a handsome brown mctabby white some white. He's a rowdy character!

JD is our other momma's boy from Veksha's litter.

He's joining Hector with Elaine and her family.

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