Monday, September 15, 2008

A few more kitty pics

We're getting close to bidding farewell to these guys! We aren't looking forward to our G and H babies leaving us but we know their families are going to adore these funny and crazy kittens.

Gandalf is going to GA to join Mystic Melody
He's a handful and always ready to get into mischief

Hadrian and Godrik are both going to CA to live with April!
They are a fun pair!

Hector is staying here in Arizona with Elaine and her family
Our J baby boy, James Dean, is going to join him in November

Hannibal will be going to California the end of April!

He's now the largest kitten in his litter!

Our Hanya will be going to PA the end of the month

She's grown so much lately she's like new girl!

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