Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cute Kittens

More of Erika again. We couldn't pass up some of our cute pics today. Ilario is part of this litter but since he's with Veksha we'll get some pictures of him tomorrow. These guys were just on their game today looking all adorable. And Erika was kind enough to move them out from the cupboard today and onto the blanket.

Momma Erika and all 6 babies (#7 is with Veksha)

Ivanhoe is showing off his big mouth!

Idalko really didn't want to get up for pictures. He's just getting his eyes open now.

Fat boy Iago is at an odd angle but he has a beautiful classic pattern

Ivar is still working on opening his eyes too.

Indigo is another chubby baby. He has one eye open and one in progress.

Our girl Isabeau snuggling with her momma.

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Avima said...

Great baby pics! Check out the face on Isabeau. What a beautiful girl. They are all too cute.