Sunday, August 31, 2008

Erika and her brood

Our pretty I litter is 1 week old today. They took 7 hours to come into this world with sweet boy Ivanhoe as the last of the gang. What a fat, happy and sweet group these kittens are. Momma Erika, as always, picked her favorite spot to have her kittens. This is a cupboard under one of the sinks in my upstairs hall bathroom. Thankfully this bathroom is almost never used and the cupboard adds an extra level of privacy - pretty ingenious of our girl. She picked this spot on her own for her first litter and has gone back each time for the 2 following.

This little guy is Prekrasne Ivanhoe - he's just opening his eyes.

These little guys are Prekrasne Indigo (the blue one) and Prekrasne Isabeau (the brown one)

This is momma Erika - she is both beautiful and wonderful in her own right but also a fantastic and attentive mother. She adores her babies and when her own are gone she often tries to take other babies and pretend they are her's too.


Anonymous said...

With that picture of Erika, I can see where Darius gets his good looks:)

Sue of Prekrasne Siberians said...

She's a beauty that's for sure. And now Darius is a big brother:)

Avima said...

I can't believe how big they are already!

Sue of Prekrasne Siberians said...

I know! Little Ivanhoe already has his eyes open - just barely. They are cute, chubby little babies.