Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Great News

One August 3rd, a goal of mine was fulfilled.  I coordinated a clinic here in Phoenix for breeders.  The first of it's kind here in the Southwest, I worked with Dr. Russell Green, DVM DACVIM (SAIM) to perform both HCM ultrasounds and PKD ultrasounds.

While it was not without scheduling bumps, the clinic was a rousing success with a total of 23 screenings performed.

I am happy to report that Selena was screened for both PKD and HCM and was clear for PKD and normal for HCM.  Amaranth was screened for PKD and he was also clear.   Amaranth will be going to San Diego in October for his next HCM screening (he screened normal in 2013).

While our cats are all PKD negative by DNA, I wanted to add that extra reassurance that our cats are clear for ALL mutations of PKD and not just PKD1.

As a genetically dominant disease, this means if both parents are clear then all offspring are clear by default.

I will be taking Funky, Galatea, Kupava, and Samba in to Dr. Carmen Bastek for their PKD ultrasounds this fall.

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