Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lots of Adorable Kittens

Lots of cute kittens at Prekrasne 
These babies are all Reserved and start heading to new homes in the next couple weeks

This young man is Boris - from Selena and Amaranth
He'll be staying in AZ with his niece Natasha

Felicity begging to have her picture taken
This friendly girl is going to CA with Kris
Kris's daughter Michelle has our retired girl, Juliet.

Felicity, Adalind, Pushka, and Buffy
What a bunch of cuties!

Lilah, Adalind, and Raven
Lilah will be heading to Texas in July, Adalind is staying at Prekrasne, and Raven goes to CA to join Julie and Scott and our other graduate, Magneto.

Another of Lilah, Adalind, and Raven
Lilah is a black/brown mackerel tabby
Adalind is a black silver spotted tabby
Raven is a black smoke - our first in 6 years

Lilah and Diggle
Brother and sister from Dancer and Amaranth

Pushka, Lilah, and Diggle

Sasha, Lilah, and Cosmo

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