Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Special Needs Siberian Available

Gracie is available .  Gracie is 4 years old.  She is not from my breeding but has lived here for a few years.  She is what is commonly called a "pariah cat" or "beta cat".  This means she is constantly on the bottom of the pecking order and all of the cats pick on her. As with most cats who are like this, she does not groom herself well and her litter box habits are hit and miss (she is very good about #1 but #2 depends on how she's doing) .  The good news is that in an only cat home, these should resolve themselves as she will no longer be fearful of putting herself in a vulnerable situation in the litter box or in grooming.

She is very sweet and affectionate when she gets brave enough to negotiate the other cats.
Gracie is spayed and will be updated on her vaccinations.  

I am looking for a special, patient home for her and the rehoming fee will be nominal and we request that it be paid as a donation to a local pet charity.

My main goal is to get Gracie to a loving home where she can live in peace and be allowed to love and be loved without fear of the other cats.

If you are interested in being Gracie's new family, please email me at prekrasne @ outlook.com (remove the spaces).

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