Friday, August 2, 2013

PK Deficiency Results

Nothing with cute kitten pictures on this post, but we're happy just the same :)

Information has shown that Siberians (in addition to many other breeds as well as Domestic Longhair and Domestic Shorthairs) are showing a statistically significant number of cats that are positive for a genetic form of hemolytic anemia.

This is genetically recessive and 2 copies of the gene are required for a cat to be symptomatic.  Symptoms are varied and timing of first onset of symptoms is varied as well but the disease can have devastating consequences.

Given this information and the presence of a DNA test, we opted to test all of our breeding cats.  I am happy to report that ALL of our breeding cats are N/N for the disease.  This means they are not only Normal but they do not carry ANY genes for the disease.  As a result, their offspring are all non carriers and Normal as well.

Very good news and part of our efforts here at Prekrasne to minimize the risk for known health issues.  We can't prevent everything, but we go the extra mile to keep our lines as healthy as we can.


Shirley Powney said...

this is a problem to common to abys and somalis. Is the test you used usable for all cat breeds as some are breed specific? Do you have any stats on this?

Sue of Prekrasne Siberians said...

They actually did research on 38 breeds as well as Domestics and found significant issues in the Siberian, Maine Coon, and Wegie as well as Domestic Longhairs and Shorthairs. The test is valid for all breeds since the gene is not breed specific.

Shirley Powney said...

Thanks I will put this out to UK breeders. Our lab Langfords in the UK does the test.