Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our "Matrix" Litter!

Our RW TGC Jokieva Esmeralda and RW QGC Amaranth of Prekrasne graced us with a gorgeous litter on  May 14, 2013.  We have yet to make any of these babies officially available but we will make some official decisions on that in the coming week.  Our litter theme for these babies is the movie "The Matrix".

Our 3 mackerel tabby babies
Neo, Trinity, and Agent Smith

Dozer is a beautiful black silver classic boy

Morpheus is our tiny man who gave us sleepless nights!
As you can see, he is a red classic tabby.

This big handsome guy is Neo and he is a black mackerel tabby.

Our other big, handsome black mackerel tabby is Agent Smith

This cutie is Tank and he's a black classic tabby

This adorable face belongs to our only girl, Trinity.  She is a black mackerel torbie and she is already officially on hold for evaluation for a breeding/show home.

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Shirley Powney said...

Congratulations, they are lovely.