Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mr Juuda Goes to Washington

OK, so not Washington, D.C... Juuda and I are heading to Seattle, WA for a TICA show. We rarely travel by plane for shows so this will be interesting. I better get used to it though since we'll be heading to Atlanta for the Party Cats show in October.

Juuda is just 1 final away from his Quadruple Grand and then we can look forward to future shows where we pursue the elusive Supreme - he'll need a Best Cat final for that. He's done it before so we are hoping he can do it again once he needs it. We may have to wait until he gets his coat back - his coat is very much his summer bikini right now and our lingering heat in Phoenix just isn't helping matters.

Maybe I should hang up pictures of blizzards and icebergs for him...

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