Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is our I and J litters 2nd birthday!!! They were born simultaneously to Veksha and Erika and both sired by our now retired boy Mumbles!

Liza lives in FL with Abby and family

Ilario is in PA with Trish and family and his 1/2 brother Romy

This is Izzy Dora (Veksha's) and she lives here in AZ

Maks (Erika's) is now in the UK with Caroline from Emerald Kingdom

Indigo is from Erika's litter and is in CA with Brian

Our own Juliet (Veksha's) with daddy's green eyes

Jiselle (Veksha's) is in IL with another of our girls
Katharina (Maggie's mom)

Alek (Erika's) is in MA with Judy and his buddy Wolfie

Leonard lives in RI and will be welcoming a new buddy, Vertigo

Mikey lives in CA and is quite a spoiled boy


Midnightstarsiberians said...

They have turned out beautifully, you must be so proud.

Denise x

Sue of Prekrasne Siberians said...

Thanks! 11 kittens in one day was a LOT:) But they all turned out great and are going strong!