Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The S babies

I know...I'll have pictures soon:) But a quick update on the progress of our little guys. They are now just under 4 weeks old and growing like crazy! Today they moved from their little kitten room into the master bath. The bath is ideal because its close enough to me yet all tile which is great for babies that are just learning to use the litter box.

Our little guy Dice is always the first one to shoot out and want to get into trouble. Its no surprise now to find him on an adventure while the other 3 hang out together. You can almost here him saying...Come on guys! What are you waiting for?

Jack, is just an easy going guy and would rather just lay around than run around. He'll get there, but he'll just mosey along in his own sweet time.

Start Me Up, the classic boy, is a love bug who just rolls over automatically for belly rubs. He also LOVES the camera and sticks his face on it. But he also knows how to pose pretty and just is so sure he's adorable! Which he is of course.

HT, is our little girl, and she is our little rowdy girl. She trails after her brothers then wrestles with them when they don't do what she wants.

At this age they are just starting to understand play and learning from mom. Mom eats off a plate...oh, maybe we should WALK IN IT.

Pictures soon I promise...

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