Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Alek and Wolfe

I received in some nice pictures of 2 of our graduates today. Alek (Prekrasne Ivar) and Judy (his owner) were his their first ever cat show last month and they earned a 3rd Best Longhair Premiere final for Alek as an Open! We are very proud of Judy and Alek. So, he is officially PR Prekrasne Ivar but to Judy he's just Alek:) The other boy is Wolfe (Prekrasne Nero Wolfe) and he just turned 6 month old yesterday. Wolfe was also in his first show and did very well getting several best of breeds and 2nd best of breeds.

This is Alek (PR Prekrasne Ivar)

This is Wolfie (Prekrasne Nero Wolfe)

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