Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Great Show

I will have pictures soon, but just a quick note on our show over the weeked. We made it back around midnight last night so I did not download the pictures yet.

Juuda continues his run in the show halls! There were 10 rings in the 2 days of the show this weekend and Juuda earned 7 finals - a 2nd Best, three 5th Bests, two 6th Bests and a 9th Best. This in a show with a nice, big kitten class of 29 Longhair kittens and 45 Allbreed Kittens. There were also 6 Siberian kittens in the show.

Juuda is just a dream to show with his relaxed temperament and way of getting folks to laugh.

Now the other big news! Our little boy Navarre, who just turned 4 months old 2 days before the show, picked up 2 finals as well!!! He brought home a 9th and a 10th Best final - in the same rings where Juuda got a 2nd and a 6th. Navarre also knows how to work the cute factor - he knows how to be especially adorable when it counts:)

Nolan did not get finals but he garners plenty of praise for his hefty boning, amazing coat, and beautiful round head.


Murlyka Siberian Cattery said...

Hey Sue
Great News! Congratulations to your beautiful boys. Nolan was up against some pretty hefty competition!!


Sue of Prekrasne Siberians said...

Yes he was:) But he still managed some 2nd Best and 3rd Best of breeds - out of 6 and sometimes 7 Siberian kittens that's not so bad. Juuda now has 19 finals to his credit and he's just 5 months.