Monday, October 26, 2009

TICA Show - New Mexico

Were do I start! I attended a TICA show in Albuquerque over the weekend and took along Galahad, Gracie, Desi, and Juuda. The show was a 3 day show, but we could only attend for 2 of them. But it was a great 2 days!

Galahad came home a TICA Champion! I wasn't even going to take him because he lost his good coat a few weeks back and looks like a shorthaired cat:) However, he earned a 2nd Best Longhair Cat in his final ring! Thank goodness this judge had judged him as a youngter back when he had a good coat. So Congratulations to Galahad!! He also took Best of Breed 6 times in 2 days!

Then we have Destiny - she earned one final. She earned a 4th Best Longhair Kitten final on Sunday! Good job Desi!

Gracie came through like gangbusters! On Saturday she earned a kickbutt final - BEST ALLBREED KITTEN!!! WOW! Then on Sunday she also earned a 6th Best Allbreed and a 4th Best Longhair final! Great job!

Finally our big winner - Juuda! Juuda continued his roll and brought home an awesome 9 FINALS out of 12 possible!!! This included 2 BEST KITTEN finals and three 2nd Best finals, two 3rd Best, one 4th and one 5th!!! What an amazing weekend.

I also had a good time meeting other Siberian breeders. I finally had the chance to meet Jeanne Beebe of 7 Cedars in Colorado. She and I have been friendly for nearly 3 years and finally met. She had her two adults, Bonnie Blue (full sister to our own Erika) and Borec (cousin to our Betsy) in the show and also picked up our sweet little Talya while we were there.

We also met Natalya from Charodey who's kitten Rosinka also had a stellar showing - she competed in all 3 days and took home 12 finals!


Murlyka Siberian Cattery said...

WOW!!!!! Great news Sue!!
What a stellar performance by all!

Sue of Prekrasne Siberians said...

Thanks! Juuda is quite a popular little guy. He loves to entertain and that makes him a lot of fun to show. Such a great little guy.