Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Ns (except Navarre)

The N litter turns 9 weeks old on Saturday and they are turning into a gorgeous bunch.

Nolan is one of the boys we are keeping around to monitor a bit
He's a heavy boy with a great coat and nice type

Nero is joining Judy as a show kitten
This big brown classic boy is already 3 lbs and has large boning,
a strong chin, dense coat and that wild expression we like so much.

Nokomis, our girl, is just beautiful. A solidly built girl with strong markings, dense coat
and beautiful head...she'll be joining a breeder

Finally, our adorable boy Jeter...
Jeter is going to IL when he grows up
He also has a great look and strong markings, but is just a bit smaller than his brothers

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