Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Juuda is here!!

I know...what am I thinking putting up an entry announcing Juuda and not having any pictures! But I couldn't resist talking about this new boy and I promise that pictures wll be taken soon.

Juuda arrived Sunday night after his stayover in Indiana. This boy has not stopped purring since he arrived. He is not the slightest bit shy although he was NOT thrilled to see Bailey and Kody - the dogs. However, he immediately became the shadow of Desi, Grace, Luke and Maggie. He loves to ride on my shoulders and is a major snuggler.

He also has an amazing, thick and coarse coat. Of course coming from Finland I expected a bit more coat than my guys are sporting while our temps are still well over 100. But I love the texture. He is also a stocky and hefty boy with nice boning (and he's a maniac for toys).

I told Gracie and Desi they'd better get used to him because he'll be their boyfriend when they all grow up:) Summer 2010 should have some adorable kittens from these guys but for now I am loving my adorable kitten.


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Sue said...

I know:) I'm working on it

Judy said...

Congrats on Juuda's arrival. We've enjoyed watching his amazing pictures on your blog via his breeder. He is quite the special boy. His little personality sounds charming! Looking forward to following him on your blog.

Murlyka Siberian Cattery said...

What wonderful news!!! I can hardly wait to see pictures of him!