Friday, September 25, 2009


Here is our big news! Our 2nd future king will be joining Prekrasne in a couple weeks after traveling from Moscow. His name is Edward Winter SnowFlake from the cattery Savushka. Savushka has long been known as a breeder of Neva Masquerade (in the US these are colorpointed Siberians) but have begun working with some very well known traditional lines over the last few years. Edward, while he does have Neva in his pedigree, he also has solid traditional Siberians including Earl Martin Valenvin and Floks-Enot Sibirskaya Taiga. I just couldn't pass up a boy with his wonderful type and a silver classic that could compliment my 2 beautiful silver females.


Judy said...

Gorgeous boy, Sue. What a beautiful face and wonderful markings. Congratulations on your future king!

Sue of Prekrasne Siberians said...

Thanks. Hopefully he and Gwen have some pretty kittens in 2010.

Murlyka Siberian Cattery said...

He's a handsome devil.
There should be some beautiful kittens next summer.