Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Roxie and Momma Morton

Just a couple quick pics to keep everyone in good kitty spirits while we are off on our busy weekend of showing and dropping off kittens. This weekend is taking us to Santa Monica for the CFA cat show. While there, the babies Moonstruck, Murphy, and Mitka are going to join their families. Friday, Katharina leaves for Chicago to join Beth just in time for Jiselle's (sister to Juliet) 1st birthday. We're also taking Betsy and Destiny along for their first shows! Not looking for much just yet as these girls are young, but it will be nice to get out again.

Here is Momma Morton
She is going to join Tara and Sandra in Nova Scotia
She joins fellow Sibis Sasha and Sheba

This is Roxie Hart
She is a pretty classic with white
Check out her pretty round head, she also has a great profile
You can't see it but her classic pattern is developing nicely

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