Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Introducing the O litter

Yes, technically they are the O litter, but I just could think of 5 names starting with O that weren't terribly overused. So, here is Baialyn's "Chicago" litter! Baialyn and Bear's babies are named after the characters in the musical/movie set in the 1920's.

Lynnie, our sweet warm brown girl, gave me 4 girls and 1 boy on July 31st. It was hard to expect as good a litter as our N litter with its consistency of type and size, but here we go again. This picture is at 1 day old and the babies are now 5 days so they have already changed a bit. Even at 5 days old, it is easy to see the potential in the kittens with nice head shape, strong muzzles, and great profiles. Another great litter!

Our babies are:

1 brown mackerel tabby male - Billy Flynn, the lawyer with plenty of publicity stunts
1 brown classic tabby w/white girl - Roxie Hart, the murderess looking for fame and acquittal
1 brown mctabby w/white girl - Velma Kelly, the former "it" girl in the jail until Roxie arrives
1 br. mctabby w/white girl = Matron Momma Morton, the warden who takes care of the girls
1 brown classic girl - "Go to Hell" Kitty Baxter, takes over Roxie's place in the spotlight after an even more scandelous murder

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