Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday I and J litters!

The I and J litter are turning 1 year old!! Yes, these 2 litters were born simultaneously on 8/24/08. Our 7 I babies and our 4 J babies. Some of the gang is still here - Maks is here until he leaves for England and Juliet is a new mom to our N litter.

For those of you out there with the rest of the gang, send me your pictures! I'd love to see the guys and girls all grown up!

Here is Alek from the I litter
He lives with Judy and Fred in MA
He'll be getting a new buddy in Nero!

Here is Liza! The only girl out of a litter of 7! What gorgous green eyes!
Here is Jiselle from the J litter! She's the spitting image of Juliet
She just "welcomed" a new friend in Katharina!
They aren't that excited with each other yet, but they'll get there.

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Judy said...

So great seeing some of the I and J litters at one year after watching them grow from one week old on your blog. A handsome group! And, yes, Lisa has her daddy's gorgeous green eyes. Lucky girl!