Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our N Litter's Debut!

Time to unveil our much awaited N Litter! They have proven to be all I hope for and then some. In type they are wonderful and consistent. Galahad and Juliet are an excellent pair and worth repeating! I absolutely plan on repeating this pairing in 2010. 4 out of the 5 in this litter show real promise and that is amazing.

This little guy will be a pet and is on hold for Jeanne in IL

This is our brown classic boy and is under evaluation as a show prospect

This young lady has wonderful type but is going to a pet family that has been waiting so patiently for the last year for this litter. They have 2 of our other girls. On hold for Tara and Sandra in Nova Scotia, Canada.

This little man is our unexpected surprise and has thrown us for a loop! A golden from this pairing was not expected. Yet, here we have our bright golden mackerel male. Because of his rarity and the very diverse lines that went into him, we are going to hang onto him here at Prekrasne and watch his development. Hopefully our next litter between Juliet and Galahad will bring us another golden or 2.

Our last boy - a brown mackerel tabby with lots of warmth. He is also showing the promise of a show prospect. His picture doesn't show it as well, but he has a nice short profile, good ear placement, round features, muzzle and boning. Also under evaluation.

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