Friday, July 31, 2009

The M kittens

The M kids are growing up and are now 10 weeks old! Who knew time would fly by so quickly! They'll all be in their new homes before the end of August. Well, except for Maggie and she's staying with us.

The 3 M Girls - Murphy, Maggie, and Moonstruck

Maggie, Moonstruck, and Mitka

Ben and Gracie


Anyone want to venture a guess as to the most common color kitten we get here at Prekrasne?
Why yes, that would be brown! We love brown tabbies in all their various shades - warm browns like Destiny and Maggie, reddish browns like Maks and Lucky Charm, darkers golden-y browns like Ben, and more -brown is anything but boring as you can see...

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