Friday, July 3, 2009

Enjoy the upcoming holiday

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and we're going to have a good holiday. Yea, Independence Day! I'll be attending a CFA cat show here in Phoenix but without any of my cats. The gang here is not in condition for showing right now. Galahad is thin (as are many male cats during breeding season), the girls are being moms, and the kittens are too young. So, we'll hit the show halls starting August.

Here are some cute pictures! A couple of these babies will be heading to the show halls in the Autumn.

Maggie and Murphy are sisters from Katharina's litter.
Maggie is staying here with me.
Murphy is joining Joan in CA.

This is Ben giving a bit of a quizzical look.
Mitka takes a break from his favorite hobby - eating.

Here is Lucky Charm looking pensive as he naps
Probably wondering why I'm waking him up for THIS...

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