Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Destiny and Grace

Yes, the girls are here! Destiny and Grace arrived from Judith of Mystic Melody. Destiny's father is Darius - our graduate and from our great pair of Erika and Godomir. Then Gracie, is sired by our other graduate Gandalf who is Galahad's brother. So happy to have the lines back here in girls (we always get boys here).

Destiny's mom is Von Leibchens Dakota (Cooncreole Dmitri Terebova x Rossity Uslada). Grace's mom is Cica Noelle Nada Yaroslavovna Black.

The girls have a good long time before they are grown up but they do get to meet their future boyfriend, Juuda later in the year. I see very pretty kittens in 2010.


Judy said...

Congratulations, Sue! Beautiful new additions! That little Grace sure looks like a love bug. Just adorable!

Kender Siberian Cats/Kittens said...

What a pretty and correct eye on Destiny