Sunday, June 14, 2009

L babies and their new toy

The L litter is having a great time with their new toy. As a thank you, the Maine Coon breeder that had Candy with them to nurse an orphan litter gave me this great gadget! Its 5 levels with paths up and down so the kittens can run through it and play. They love it!

Here's our little Lucky Man
He's doing just great and having a ball!

Ksusha is enjoying play with her brother

Lucky Town has staked out Level 3 with Lucky Man

Lucky Town again showing off what a big boy he's getting to be!
He cracked 2 lbs today!


Mystic Melody said...

I have one of those too, it's the best purchase I ever made:)

caroline thomas said...

Wow i love it - what company makes them?

I would really love our gang to have one of them, the kittens look like they are having a ball!

Congrats on Betsy's safe arrival.

Caroline x