Sunday, June 21, 2009

Katharina's Babies

Katharina's babies are now 4 weeks old and following in the footsteps of Katharina's first litter. I often refer to her first litter as my rat babies (affectionately of course) or that they often look like fruit bats. Other than Mystery Man and Million Dollar Baby this holds true for the M litter too. Murphy, Moonstruck, and Mitka all have that look about them. But no fear! Just so you can compare, I've included a couple pictures (before and after) of 2 of our biggest culprits from the first litter. Now very Siberian!

One note: I think I mixed up Moonstruck and Murphy in the pictures so ignore the titles on the pics if you click on them. Moonstruck has the darker face and is in the picture with Mitka.

I apologize for the rotten pics for this group. They just don't sit still for pictures and run around crying for mom if I take them away. Maggie is a HUGE talker.

Here is Million Dollar Baby aka Maggie

This is the only picture I could get of Murphy! She wouldn't slow down!
Here is Mitka (front) and Moonstruck (rear) napping on a towel.
See the fruit bat resemblence. Mitka looks a LOT like Hector

Sorry about the fuzzy quality for Mystery Man but he wanted to run

Here is our prime example of the fruit bat look from Katharina's first litter.
Hadrian was such a pinch faced baby once he hit a few weeks old.
As a 0-2 week old he was beautiful!

Now here's a gorgeous boy! Hadrian now! Stunning boy!

Another fruit bat, Hector - see the resemblence to Mitka

Here's Hector at 5 months old - a beautiful Siberian boy!

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