Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to our First!

May 31st! What a day for me 2 years ago. It was the day I welcomed my very first litter into the world. They were born in the middle of my bed to my first Siberian girl, Katie. Poor Katie had 9 babies in there for a first time mom and sadly 2 did not make it. However, considering the drama it was amazing we ended up with 7 big, healthy cats. Average size for kittens at birth is roughtly 90 - 110 grams (3-4 oz). When kittens are born under 80 grams they have exponentially lower chances of survival. As a newbie without a mentor I didn't realize this as I welcomed my micro-kittens. Our tiniest of the survivors, Angelina, was only 42 grams and the BIGGEST was only 70 grams. Today these babies range from 10 pounds up to 18 pounds. Not bad considering the start they had.

Here is the litter all together with Aunt Candy hovering nearby

This little guy is Akhmir, now Jorge in Illinois
I was hoping for a red boy but didn't think I had one but he came a bit later than the others as a great suprise!

This is Jorge now! What a big boy!

This tiny little girl is our only colorpoint ever
Ali lives here in Arizona with my friend Karen.

Here is a picture of Ali I took with my cell phone

This little guy is Abykan with his little white snip on the nose

Here is George now grown up and living in Arizona with Kathy

I accidentally deleted a more recent picture of Zaphod so here he is as a teenager
Hanna in CO has both Zaphod and Trillian (Biata from our 2nd litter)

Here is Zaphod when he was Aleksandr and the first born and biggest

Not a newborn picture but I couldn't resist this adorable picture of Anya
She now lives on Long Island

Here is Anya as a grown up girl

Anna is one we haven't heard about lately
She lives with Vicky in San Francisco

Here is our baby blue girl Anna

This girl is now called Sasha but was born here as Angelina
She is a gorgeous blue cream patched tabby (torbie) with white

Baby girl Angelina - such a sweet, sassy girl!


Judy said...

Happy Birthday Litter and congratulations, Sue! Very interesting and so fun seeing "then" and "now". They, all, look great. What an amazing litter...Such a variety of colors. Who sired this litter?

Sue of Prekrasne Siberians said...

The sire was from another cattery. The colors were courtesy of mom - a calico. That meant reds, browns, torties...a melting pot of color.

Murlyka Siberian Cattery said...

Wow - Two years and a lot of kittens later! Your micro kittens certainly aren't micro any more and have turned into beautiful cats!
Congratulations on 2 great years

Sue of Prekrasne Siberians said...

Yes, last year was quite a busy busy year with kittens - 9 litters. 3 were not planned (thanks david):) This year - much quieter with just 3 so far. Whew!