Sunday, August 24, 2008

This one is litter I!

The other announcement is our surprise litter from Erika and Mumbai! We didn't intend on having Erika have a litter right now but things do happen. So, we are now blessed with 7 beautiful and healthy babies! Erika is such a great mom and is fortunate to have easy pregnancies and smooth births. This one did take longer than normal but Mumbai seems to have passed on his large size to his babies. Our brown classic baby was 130 grams at birth! Average is 90-110 so he was well above average. In face the smallest kitten was 108 and most were nearly 120. Way to go Erika!

This litter is 6 males and only 1 female. We plan to keep the female to monitor her development and possibly retain for our breeding. We get females from Erika so seldom that we want to grab the chance while we can.
Here is a picture of the kittens - some of them anyway
Notice the clear markings on the brown tabbies.

Here's Erika coming in to lick her babies.
See the little brown tabby boy - he has a white mask.

This little guy tells us that Mumbai carries the gene for classic
Out of both our litters he is the only classic kitten
He is also the largest - 130 grams at birth

Here is our brown mctabby boy with white feet

This little guy is the one with the white mask

This is our little girl - we're watchinig her for now

This little blue mackerel boy has just a teeny bit of white on his nose.

Here is our blue mackerel with white boy
He has lots of white!

Our other camera shy boy! Lots of white on him too.
He has white on his face too.

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