Monday, August 18, 2008

The last week...

Just a quick sigh of relief as this week will wind down my long road of unemployment! Next week I return to working although I may have changes coming there, too. We'll see.... In the meantime, we're say adieu to many of our kittens this week. I'll be up bright and early dropping off Dragomir "Boris" and Endymion "Milano" for their flight to New York City.

Gandalf plays with his turbo scratcher - a kitten favorite!

Galahad hangs out on the kitten tree and poses for a picture - he loves that!

Gideon looks serious.
He's probably upset about being caught off his game.
Our little guy has a few short whiskers these days thanks to overzealous eating. He actually chewed on his own whiskers while trying to get every bite of his dinner!

Gideon decides he's not coming out until they grow back

Godrik strikes a cute pose for the camera!
He loves being our different boy.
He has a beautiful classic pattern unlike the mackerel of his brothers.

Hadrian is a spunky little guy.
He follows me everywhere and is quite sure he's much larger than he really is!

Hannibal is another one of H litter - can you spot his white toes?

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