Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kitties, Kitties, Kitties...

I know we have our new babies but we still have our G and H litters that are growing and looking beautiful. We couldn't get pictures of all of them but we at least had a nice start.

Hector is our handsome boy
He will be living in Arizona with Elaine and her family

Galahad is our boy who may have an interesting future ahead...

Gandalf is a great boy and he'll be going to Mystic Melody when he gets big

What a face! Our classic boy Godrik is going to live with April and family in CA
He's excited that his uncle Hadrian gets to go too.

Here's uncle Hadrian! He's smaller than his brother Hector but boy is he a spunky guy!
He thinks he's a tiger and not a kitten!

Awww, little sister Hanya...
This beauty is going to the UK to live when she grows up.

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