Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The rest of the gang

In all the excitement over the kittens I have neglected a couple key family members. I have them now. I still need a couple pictures of the dogs/babysitters, Kody and Bailey, but I'll post those later. Kody is a Mini American Eskimo and Bailey is a Pomeranian mix and they love the kitties. Kody is especially attached and has been known to carry the little ones downstairs so they can play with him.

Thomas O'Malley - named by my friend's daughter many years ago
She loved the Arisocats and it stuck.
Tommy is now around 10 and still a handsome devil.

Antonio Banderas - our dashing tuxedo boy
I gave him his name because he's so smooth, suave and handsome.
Probably one of the sweetest cats you'll ever meet.

and finally!!! My littlest nephew - Luke David
He was born 6/18 and this picture was taken soon after.
Could he be a more beautiful baby? I think not!

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