Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Candy's kittens 2.5 weeks

Candy's babies are growing up to be so fat, happy and beautiful! I couldn't be happier with their progress. They were ready for a nap during the pictures so they aren't terribly thrilled (Gandalf looks grumpy but he's not:) This litter is progressing great and at 2 1/2 weeks most of them are nearly a pound.

Prekrasne Gandalf Greyhame
Gandalf is being evaluated for show/breeding quality
He's not a grumpy boy normally but he was sleepy
You can see his beautiful round head, wide ears and he has a short muzzle like his parents.

Another picture of Gandalf - such a face!

Prekrasne Galahad - also being evaluated for show or breeding quality
He looks a lot like Gandalf but his eyes are a bit more open and he's all of 30 grams lighter

Galahad loves to stick out his tongue

Prekrasne Godrik Gryffindor
Our classic boy has a striking, well marked classic coat
He's still working on his eyes and as you can see he's not focusing well yet but considering he's only been using his eyes for a week he's great.
He's a tad smaller than his brothers but still shows good promise.

Godrik again - what a gorgeous boy!

Prekrasne Gideon - we can spot him by his slightly darker face
We are still evaluating this litter but we expect Gideon will be offered as a pet.

Gideon is still working on getting his eyes open all the way but he looks like he'll have his daddy's sad expression that we loved so much.


Judith said...

They are all really gorgeous, what a great job David and Candy did!

Sue of Prekrasne Siberians said...

I know! Candy is such a great mom too. And if David was a good stud, you can imagine what little Darius will do:)