Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another day, some more pictures...

Our G and H babies are growing up so fast. Each day brings some new changes. Candy's G babies are at that stage where everything is new and eyes are opening. They are trying to scoot a bit and sights and sounds attract their attention.

Galahad (left) and Gandalf (right)

Prekrasne Gideon - notice his slightly darker face

Prekrasne Gandalf - similar in type to Gideon but lighter in the face and body

Prekrasne Godrik Gryffindor - our classic boy. His coat is a little messy on his head so he's our mop top! Such a beautiful coat on this one.

Prekrasne Galahad - just a hair smaller than Gandalf but they look remarkably alike.

Here are Katharina's babies. Its hard to get pictures of them - momma still grabs them and runs off.

Prekrasne Hanya - our lone girl. She is starting to fill out and we can't wait to see her eyes open.

Prekrasne Hadrian - A handsome guy and quite a momma's boy.

Prekrasne Hannibal - now the largest and developing a lovely rounded head.

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