Friday, July 18, 2008

All sorts of kittens

Just a few pictures of some of our very active 9 week old kittens, 12 weeks old kittens and some of our cats. Things are a riot right now with a few litters all running around at once.

This picture is of our 1 year old girl Darya. She is our resident momma without kittens. We've tried mating her with Mumbai but so far just a false pregnancy. She adores kittens but since we still have mom and dad she'll be joining a family around December as a pet. We're hoping she graces us with a litter before she goes but since Mumbai is our only option we're not sure if it will happen.

As you can see, we have lots of brown kittens at our house! This is a mixed bag of kittens from a couple litters. On the far left we have Boris from Eureka's litter. On the right is Eomyr. On the top, next to Eomyr is Elizaveta "Ellie" and in the middle is Endymion "Milano." Down in front is Evangelina "Angie".

Fiorello "Boxer" is just lounging around in the hammock of one of the cat trees. Boxer is heading to northern California with his sister Pepper.

Danil "Harley" shows off his climbing skills as he crawls up a sisal post on the cat tree to get to a food dish. Harley will be joining his big 1/2 brother Diesel in Tampa, FL in a couple weeks.

Here is Harley again showing off his intent gaze. This boy is quite a charmer and he can't wait to show off for Nancy and George.

Some of the cats show off on their cat tree in one our rooms they get just for themselves (OK, the dogs like it too). On the top eating is Arabesque. She is a young adult female and is 7 months old now. Below on the next level is Emelia hopping off the tree to go find toys to play with. Napping in the hammock (his favorite spot) is Boxer and to the left is Harley. This is the play room and the others are off using the giant scratching post that Esenia and Bossa Nova are showing them how to climb.

Elizavet "Ellie" is taking a break from her game on the turbo scratcher. All the kittens and adult cats LOVE the turbo scratcher. We'll often hear the plastic squealing across the tile in the middle of the night as they have a very active game.


LC said...

Very, very cute pictures :) Do you have any new ones of our little buddy Drago?

Sue said...

I sure do - it's of him napping. He's such a busy boy I can never catch him holding still:)